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We offer hair stylists, stylists and beauticians flexible booking of workstations.

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what we are about

Uncertain times lie ahead for the beauty industry. Long rental contracts, high costs and increasing administrative expenses pose new challenges that are almost impossible to master alone. Here, beauticians must ask themselves: "How will I be able to flourish doing what I love?"

our approach

For this purpose, WeStyle reinvents the globally successful concept of coworking for the beauty industry. We offer beauticians a flexible workplace that can be rented and expanded at any time. This gives everyone the freedom to decide for themselves when, where and how they want to fulfil their clients' wishes. And all that without long-term rental contracts or other fixed costs.

Our services

What we do

WeStyle Studios

provides fully equipped workstations for beauticians of all kinds.

WeStyle Digital

enables direct booking of workstations for beauticians or appointments for their customers.

WeStyle Products

develops, produces and distributes high-quality beauty products.


How it works


we build stores

WeStyle conceives, designs and builds stylishly beauty studios with high-end, modular workstations for all kinds of beauticians.


beauticians book workstations

Beauticians book a workstation at WeStyle and offer their services via our platform.


customers book beauticians

Customers book a service through our platform with the beautician of their choice and enjoy their treatment in the WeStyle Studios.


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